Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Word of The Lord :: Stay Calm

Throughout 2008 and now into 2009, we are prophesying around the country for believers to stay calm during this season of economic transition. Some call it a recession, but we call it an opportunity. This particular message was preached at The River Church in Durham, NC under the leadership of Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Bishop George Bloomer Introduces Prophet Brian Mosley. He Positions The Audience for The Prophetic and Speaks to the Nation (the USA)

Bishop George Bloomer introduces Prophet Brian Mosley and credits him with the success of his ministry. He speaks about attending Prophet Mosley's School of The Prophets (the original one) and introduces him to the nation. He borrows the prophetic word of sudden manifestation from Prophet Mosley to present him to the nations of the world, live on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Prophet Mosley immediately discerns the audience and begins to speak directly to the nation, positioning and preparing their minds to embrace the prophetic. He goes on to articulate the Word of the Lord as it relates to the church in the marketplace and its influence on public policy in this nation (the USA).

The Conversation with Popular Culture Continues with Prophetic Word to the Darkchild Rodney Jerkins

Prophet Mosley further leverages the conduit to popular culture by delivering the Word of the Lord to super-producer, Rodney Jerkins. Jerkins produces music for Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and many of pop-cultures past, current and future icons. Rodney's decision to influence the world with his brand of lifestyle entertainment will literally transform the lives of millions of peolple.

Rodney is destined to become a billionaire and impact the world - past, present and future. The prophetic word dictates that he align himself with the right partners to bring this vast, ever expanding vision to past.

Prophet Mosley Prophecies to TBN

Broadcast live in June of 2006 on the Trinity Broadcasting Network from Bishop George Bloomer's church in Durham, North Carolina, Prophet Mosley articulates the Word of the Lord to Trinity Broadcasting Network regarding its global expansion and digitization. Within this Word, Prophet Mosley speaks to the repositioning of the people in the live and viewing audience. He speaks about evangelism in the marketplace and the growth of the local church. He encourage the Body of Christ to embrace the prophetic and the signs that follow those that believe.

Prophecy Intersects with Popular Culture: Rev Run Receives Word of The Lord

Prophets are being embraced by popular culture. Men like Joseph Simmons a.k.a. Rev. Run of Run DMC are students of the prophetic. It has been documented that Rev. Run actually operates in the prophetic. He was trained and ordained by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan.

I see and predict the evolution of a 21st century pop culture that will embrace the prophetic to gain insight and direction into the relevant and sometimes complex components of their everyday lives. This will apply to their businesses, careers, education, spirituality, and communities. Prophecy will be (update: is) mainstream. The conduit will be popular culture - the music, the lifestyle, the truth factor. It may not be called prophecy, but at its core, it will be; and it will all connect back to Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the prophetic teaches its students to see Christ in his humanity and divinity with the primary objective of becoming like Him.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Prophetic Crusades & Revivals = True Evangelism

In my business and ministry, I have attended hundreds of conferences. Although there are thousands in attendance, the conversions to Christ are many times minuscule to null and void. I contend and propose that a return to the prophetic and healing crusades of the 60's, 70's and 80's will initiate a massive exodus from sin and genesis of Christ-followers in the 21st century. If you want to build your church, host a prophetic crusade. If you want to grow your denomination or fellowship, sponsor prophetic healing crusades through the country. Popular culture is starving for it. People in the marketplace are starving for it. Truth be told, the church and un-churched are asking for it. Let's give them the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God. Your comments are welcome.

Healing & The Prophetic: Prophet Brian Mosley

Prophet Brian Mosley throughout the 80's, 90's and now into the 21st century has demonstrated the gifts of healing in his ministry. Coupled with an accurate ability to "see" and "speak things into reality", these gifts have led thousands to Christ which ultimately has impacted millions more to come to Christ. It's a prophetic train the trainer and the rest is history. We also call it prophetic discipleship. It is interesting to note the secular validation that is provided by the medical doctor that is intereviewed in the documentary. Have you ever been healed miraculously by the power of the living God? Post your comment.